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Higher Self Guided Personal Transformation — Step 18: Psychic Messages & Telepathy (3 of 7)

Learn how to receive psychic messages and telepathic communication in the mental dimensions and nonphysical planes of reality. Communicate with spirit …557


Psychic finds missing horse using telepathy

Animal telepathy: A missing horse has been found after its owner enlisted the help of an animal psychic. Gemma the Norwegian fjord pony escaped from her …61


Stanley Krippner – LSD and Psychic Phenomena

Attempting to Grasp the Unpredictable and the Intangible LSD-type drugs have often been used to facilitate so-called "psychic phenomena", in other words, …5183


Neuroscientist Diane Powell on Telepathy and Autistic Savants

What if telepathy is real? What if it is innate in all of us? If these statements are true, then why is telepathy so hard to prove? Diane Powell wondered years ago if …3174


Are Psychic Powers and Telepathy Real? Dr. Devi Shetty with Sadhguru

Renowned surgeon Dr. Devi Shetty asks Sadhguru whether psychic powers and telepathy are real, and if it is possible to learn these abilities. Sadhguru speaks …429


Psychic Powers Combined: Clairvoyance, Reading Energy & Telepathy

Psychic Readings [removed]525


how to send someone you love a mental message or telepathic message

Is telepathy real? Does it work? I have included this technique in my latest book:[removed] you send someone you love …589


Scientific Evidence for Telepathy | Rupert Sheldrake

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake discusses the evidence that our minds extend beyond our brains. Is consciousness fundamental? [removed]2719


How can we use telepathy? A psychic function? – Tamás Paulinyi – Budapest, Hungary

About TAMÁS PAULINYI : "I was born in Budapest in 1962. Originally started as a ceramic artist, and amateur photographer, in 1989 together with some trained …1185


Psychic Sundays with Lisa Pink- Telepathy

Welcome to Psychic Sundays with Lisa Pink. This week we are talking about Telepathy and how to develop this skill. It does take practice, but is a very useful …474