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Learn How to see Auras Lesson Three Advanced Tutorial Psychic Training with Kelli in the Raw

In this third and final lesson on how to see auras Mark Mauvais and Kelli in the Raw explain another advanced technique and give easy tips you can use to help …348


Neville Goddard's Exercises to Master Control of your Attention

To aid in mastering the control of your attention – develop the ‘muscle’ of your attention. Your attention must be developed, controlled, and concentrated in order …374


How To PROTECT Against Psychic & Empathic INTERFERENCE. Plus A Grounding Exercise.

Sometime we feel like we are under psychic attack. But what about the general background psychic ‘interference’ we pick up on a daily basis from people in …924


Seven Psychic Breathing Techniques

Katarina Pohleven is performing Seven Psychic Breathing Techniques, which are Yoga exercises for improving psychics abilities. On the end is Cleansing …225


Exercise For The Mind # 1Workout – ESP Cards FUN

Psychic Mind Exercise #1 comes from a request on how to improve your psychic ability. Have fun with this little game, or is it a game. There will be 5 episodes …474


Psychic Clairvoyance Coin Flip Toss Experiment Training Exercise

Are you an intuitive person? Are you sensitive to events going on around you? Do you often sense things are going to happen and then they do? You may have …122


Psychometry- Psychic Development Exercise

VIEW THE BLOG POST** Welcome! In this video we are discussing psychometry. Psychometry is the gift of being able …380


Quick Tai Chi Kundalini Exercise Psychic Sunshine Rose Personal Program

Kunadalini Chakra Clearing For MaximumPsychic flow / Mixed With Tai Chi (martial arts) & Kundalini Exercise Cleansing. I developed this Personal Breather 30 …405


PSYCHIC PROTECTION Masterclass for Experienced Practitioners and Beginners — Insights and Exercises

[removed] This Psychic Protection class (based on the bestselling book ‘Psychic Protection’) is for …3165


psychic energy exercises – Psychic Abilities

psychic energy exercises – Psychic Abilities Psychic Abilities – Powers of Unconscious Possessing psychic abilities is actually intrinsic as well as elemental in …85